How to get to Matva Sei

Matva Sei from above

Matva Sei is situated in Valchiusella in Piemonte in Northern Italy.

Closest Airports are Torino Caselle (45 min) and Milano Malpensa (1,5 hrs).
Contact us for arrangement of a pick-up to a reasonable price.

If you fly to any Milano airport – you can take the bus or train to Milano Centrale and then you can go by train.

Closest Train station is Ivrea, from where you can be picked up. A shorter trainride would be to Santhia from where you can be picked up also.

By car: To search on GPS you have to put in Alice Superiore as the commune.

Driving Instructions: From Malpensa drive towards Torino for about 1 hour. Take the exit (“uscita”) towards Aosta, and then to Ivrea. The toll-gate is ca 10 euro, self service. Keep right towards Ivrea.

At the first roundabout keep following signs to Ivrea. At the second roundabout start following signs towards Lessolo. You will now pass through many roundabouts and straight stretches, continue to follow Lessolo. When you arrive at Lessolo village, keep left on the first junction, and drive through the old town while following signs towards Valchiusella (keep right). Then follow the long winding road up the hill, while passing some stunning viewpoints.

Blue signs

After a particularly sharp bend you will see a big blue sign (see picture) with many names on it to the left, and a sign with “Truc del Dur” on the right side of the road.

Turn left onto a very narrow road. After just about 50 meters, keep left at the fork, and take the road down to the yellow house. This will take you to a very sharp bend, for which you need to reverse a bit in order to continue down the small road, that will now be unpaved. Keep right on the next junction and keep going until you see the entrance of Matva Sei! The gate is not locked, though is seems like it. Just open it and drive in to our parking space.



Our full adress is:

Matva Sei Società Co-Operativa
Localita IOMEA
Regione Monti 3/5
10080 Lugnacco(TO)