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Project Description

Our Surroundings 

Unique Experiences & Adventures Await

Matva Sei is well supported in the north by the majestic Alps and in the south and overlooks the vast plane of the Po.

It is located in the lush green valley of Valchiusella. The property is situated very near Damanhur, a spiritual ecological community born in 1975. In Damanhur you can explore a community living based on spiritual values as solidarity, sustainability, humour and creativity. They also have an Atlantean inspired jewelry lab/shop where among others they design selfica jewelry. Orocrea (for a 5% discount use code “Leo”).

Hidden inside the mountain, you can enter the Temples of Humankind, an impressing creation build with love and endurance by the inhabitants of Damanhur.

Only an hour drive from here, you arrive at Aosta, a skiing eldorado in the Alps. Another 45 minute  drive and you find yourself in the middle of Gran Paradiso, a scenic national park on the border of France absolutely worth experiencing.

Highlights Of Our Surroundings