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Do you need to stop and take a break?

Are you longing for some more quietude and a slower rhythm?


If you feel that life is stressful, everything is going too fast or you’re feeling worn out or confused – come and enter the tranquillity at Matva Sei. This place will give you a possibility to reconnect with many parts that might have been just slumbering in the shadows of everyday life.

Maybe you long to start or finish a writing project, or another creative initiative that requires a peaceful environment. Perhaps you just desire a timeout, for no other reason than experiencing more pleasure in your life?

Whatever the cause or motive to come, Matva Sei welcomes you to stay for a shorter or longer time (Volunteer Work). Live in community with us in the enchanting, calming and inspiring nature surroundings. When here you can enjoy our nature sanctuary,
wander to the lake nearby our just sit under our plum tree and listen to the birds.

When at Matva Sei it´s possible to enjoy treatments in our embracing Healing Room with one of our experienced therapists.

The surroundings of Piemonte invites you to make shorter or longer visits.