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Our Story

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time the humans living on planet Earth had a much more conscious connection with Nature than we have now; They communicated with trees and plants, rocks, animals and nature spirits alike. Some thousand years ago, the Celtic people and their Druids still had the ability to communicate with these natural elements.

The Myth of Matva Sei speaks of three Celtic Druids came to this place from the Universe; one female and two male. They were dressed in long white robes and had violet eyes. Today they rest peacefully in their stone tomb in our sacred wood. You can visit them when walking through our nature temple on the other side of the stream.

The Journey Begins

When Veronica, one of the founders, first arrived here in January 2015, she was not at all looking to invest in such a large property. She actually only wanted to buy a small house for herself in the area, but she followed her intuition and went to have a look at the place. And what a place it was! From the moment she entered the gate her legs started shaking – and the deeper she went into the woods and the Nature Temple, the more she cried. It became a meaningful meeting with energies she had long forgotten. After many life times, she finally “met” her old Druid friends again. So she felt she had no other choice than to buy this place because it was part of her life mission.

A journey began which lasted for almost a year to find the right co-owners to invest with. Quickly another woman, Grethe Sofie, came along. Many months followed with many difficulties. Others joined for some time, some left, some stayed, until a core group of five women was formed.

Meet Ma’at: Goddess Of Truth & Justice

In November 2015, just before the take-over, Veronica received the new name of the place in a dream, on a big poster with clear and lucid letters; MATVA 6. At the time she had no idea about the meaning. The group did some research and discovered that the name signifies “The goddess daughter of the sun in movement, with a just and true balance between the outer and the inner”.  It was decided to replace the number with the Italian word for 6: “Sei”. Matva Sei carries a feminine energy felt by everyone who visits. The property was bought from a French spiritual group (IOMEA) that lived here for 12 years. They invested a lot of love and energy into the earth, the gardens and the Nature Temple. Our mission is to develop the property further as a place for retreats, healing, connecting with Nature, courses and living in a beautiful, sustainable and spiritually connected environment.