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Welcome to Matva Sei!

entrance gate

Asalia at the entrance





The heart of the buildings is the spacious livingroom where we share our nutritious meals. It is placed adjacent to our kitchen where a wooden stove is keeping the room warm and cozy.

Comfortable couches are available and we often gather around the centre fireplace in quietude, singing or sharing stories and life experiences.


Workshop and yogashala


We are proud to invite you into our inspiring and artistically decorated room of beauty.
This is where we gather to share, to learn and support each other on our journey into ourselves.

IMG_0222The room is heated by the sunshine through the round windows and new stoves heated up from the solar panels.

We offer chairs, yoga mats, pillows and blankets, to assist us in our work.

Healing Room


You are asked to bend your head a little to descend through the low door into our healing room, it is welcoming you as an embracing womb where you can sit or lie down and receive the different kinds of healing therapies or massages that is offered while staying here.


Here we are lucGarden and upper housesky to have an enormous potential to develop. The whole building is one big room, which can be filled with all kinds of artistic creativity. We are curious what will emerge in this room of possibilities. Shelves are asking to be filled, and the floor is awaiting eager men and women exploring their artistic expressions.


Where there used to live a couple of horses, there will be a pottery, overlooking the upper garden.  One of the artists of Damanhur will develop this as his atelier, also making it available for us other ”artists-in-the-making”.

Chickens i the gardenChicken coop

Walking through the garden, passing the plum trees and greenhouses, you will hear the chickens calling. They will proudly be telling their story about the wonderful eggs they produce for us.



Four tunnel-shaped greenhouses in the southern part of the garden will provide us with vegetables and greenery. They are grown organically with love and in doing so our aim is to cooperate with the rhythm of Nature of this place.

We will have our own compost, which will serve as good nutrition for vegetables, plants, flowers and bushes that is growing on this land.