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 The Gardens


Roses of all colours, abundance of lavender, rosemary, thyme and sage. Plum trees, khaki tree, rhododendrons and hortensia. Wintergreens, birches, old oak trees, and plenty of huge trees serving us eatable chestnuts. In many places the ground is covered with bushes giving juicy blackberries at the end of summer.

AsaleaA garden that speaks to all our senses. The smell, the colours and shapes, the sounds and the feeling of the grass under our feet. Hidden in the bushes, small birds are building their nests, singing and praising life. If you are lucky, you might see a hawk circling high above us, overviewing life at Matva Sei.

In the garden you will be able to find your favorite place to sit, either by yourself or with fellow human beings. To just be and absorb, to read, write or share, whether it is laughter, tears or stories.

Veronica, Leo og Micka i hagen

   Tomater i bolle    Gresskar   Bønner

røde roser v grå mur

17.mai forberedelser    Urter på glass

Fra hengekøya

In the north east corner of the garden, we have reserved a nice area for mobile phone conversations.. Under the birch trees, you are welcome to communicate with the outer world when needed.

The Forest

IMG_0450Surrounding the houses of Matva Sei, trees of all kinds create a magical and very alive forest. Several winding paths may be explored and the trees enjoy immensely that you stop and connect with them. Some of them consist of five or six trunks, inviting you inside to be in stillness, and listen to the tree whisper.

pathIn the hillside near by, a family of two adult and two young dears, have found their home. They guard and observe us with their true grace and sensitivity.