Come for shorter (Volunteer) or longer stays working to establish and run Matva Sei and be a part of our community life. Since we are living close together and are sharing with our paying guests, living and working in our community requires openness towards people, some flexibility, self-responsibility and a good portion of humor

Our needs change over time but in general we need skills as logging, wood chopping, organic gardening, work in our greenhouses and cooking. Sometimes we might be looking for people with special skills in other areas. 

Right now we are in the need of: Permaculturists, organic/biodynamic gardeners, Agroforestrists, Seed preservation, Acquaculturists, Computer savvy IT skilful individuals specifically in the area of Social Media, website design, development management and maintenance.  Builders/Carpenters/Construction (earthships, hobbit houses, cob, clay, sand, living roofs,  etc), Bridges, Rock walls, Chicken houses/tractors, Ponds, river acquascaping, Jacuzzy, Sauna, infrared, Sculpturing, Artists,  Fencing with the use of local plants, knowledge of medicinal herbs, tinctures, food processing and preservation, Greenhouse, irrigation, Animal husbandry, Self sufficiency, Alternative forms of energy, Events Management/hosting and workshop Admin.