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Join Our Community

Are you longing for a more fulfilling life?

Do you long to live in harmony with likeminded souls, in a peaceful, supportive place, where the houses, gardens, flowers, herbs, trees and greenhouses ask for loving hands? Let’s connect, and explore what we have to offer each other. Please read on below for more information about the procedure and requirements to join our community and cooperative.

How to become a member (co-owner) of our cooperative

  1. Written application: we welcome all serious and well thought out enquires. Please include a short biography, why you are interested in living with us, why you think you’d be a good fit, how our mission & vision align, what you can contribute to Matva Sei, and any other relevant information about yourself. Submit your application via email, or via WhatsApp at: +34 6 444 777 01.
  2. Reviewing your application: after reviewing your application, we will determine if there is accommodation available, and weather the skills, qualities and talents you are bringing compliment our team and align with our vision. We may schedule a WhatsApp call to clarify any questions we or you may have. If everything looks good, we will invite you for a visit.
  3. Come visit: We suggest an initial introductoryvisit, so you have a better idea of who we are and how we live. If after this initial visit we both want to move forward, you will be invited for a 3 month trial visit, which is intended for both parties to get to know each other better, and explore if we truly are a good match. During this visit, there will be plenty of check-in moments, where we can provide feedback to each other. Open, respectful communication, and a desire to use the mirrors we give each other towards personal growth, is one of the core values of our community. There will be weekly meetings and we will provide you with feedback after 6 weeks (midway your stay). After this 3 month trial visit, we will all decide together, whether to invite you into our community and cooperative.
  1. Joining our Cooperative: As mentioned above, Matva Sei is a cooperative, and all permanent members of the community have invested, and are co-owners of the cooperative. We require a minimum investment to join our cooperative – once this has been received, and the legal procedures have been completed, you will be an equal co-owner and shareholder of our community. All investments will be used towards the further development of Matva Sei, including becoming increasingly more self-sufficient, and building natural homes.

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