We welcome help with the following projects:

Feminine and Masculine Spiral
Join us in co-creating our first Spiral at Matva Sei…


One early morning Leo found himself being guided to the ritual circle near by our creek and a tumbling rock called for his attention. This small, yet powerful washed stone with clear masculine energy asked to be picked up and requested to be united to a feminine rock to become whole and complete. 

As Leo shared his conversation with Veronica she just happened to have the feminine counterpart and so they were united under a full moon ritual. Thus the first two stones were placed near our welcoming tree close by the main gate at Matva Sei. When this spiral is finished and as you walk it, you will be balancing your masculine and feminine energies within you and contribute to a more balanced planet. 

Join our Spiral by bringing or sending any crystal or round soft face stone/rock to Matva Sei and remain connected both to Matva Sei and to that inner balance, no matter where you are. 

Thank you for your contribution.

In collaboration with Mamos from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia, Members of the Great Balance organisation, Citizens of Damanhur communities, (Matva Sei, where the new European Gateway will be seeded), Sagas and Mentors of the Divine University and close light workers and friends, we will be Seeding the 3 Universal Gateways’ Hearts (Australia, Mexico and Italy) with supercharged Seed Elements of Nature from all of the world with Prayers, Codes and Pagamentos. Learn more

Greenhouse project
Our Greenhouses need a loving hand to help us provide organic veggies from our own farm for the meals both of the visitors and our community. Help us so that we can continue creating a greener and more sustainable way of living for our region and our planet, reduce pollution and live in balance with our ecosystem.

Future projects

Honey project: The Matva Sei honey bee population needs help as well as the rest of our bioregion. Our goal is to spread awareness, protect and support the different local species of bees, as well as work in our self sufficiency and sustainable beekeeping practices.

With the Creation of new hives to repopulate the worlds bees and strengthen our sustainable agricultural green/bio/ecological practices we propose to use:

Cactarium project: A cactarium it is a garden specializing in cacti and other desert plants creating a micro climate where to house both flora and fauna connected to this particular environment can live and thrive.