Volunteer with us

Are you looking for a chance to actively participate in a rich and rewarding eco-community lifestyle? Does the opportunity of spending quality time close to nature, at the foot of the Italian Alps, and in the vicinity of Damanhur sound appealing? How about living close to other conscious seekers from across the world? If these prospects excite you then chances are you’ll truly love the volunteering experience available at Matva Sei.

Currently we are looking for:

Gardeners: Providing support with potting, planting, nourishing, ground clearing and harvesting – in our Green Houses, Flower Gardens, Forest and Nature Sanctuary. A keen interest or experience in organic/ biodynamic gardening and permaculture is required for this role, which is available in the months April-September (space permitting).

Other positions: Tradespeople (Carpenters, Painters, etc) & Handy men/women, Natural Builders, Social Media & Google Ads SEO

In addition we welcome individuals with expertise in Agroforestry, Seed preservation, Acquaculturists, Natural Building skills (earthships, hobbit houses, cob, clay, sand, living roofs,  etc), Ponds / river acquascaping, Fencing with the use of local plants, knowledge of medicinal herbs, tinctures, food processing and preservation. Please contact us if you have any other skills you wish to offer.

What is living at Matva Sei like?

As a volunteer you will be invited to join us in the day-to-day of community life. Whether tending to the garden and chickens, preparing for new visitors, or cooking meals, you will have many ways to add value to Matva Sei. In addition to the hands-on tasks you will also have an opportunity to learn and practice essential “soft”-skills for community building. Volunteering is a great way to immerse yourself in community living, while helping  Matva Sei provide an even friendlier place to re-connect to nature and spirit.

Living in community means building relationships; with the land, the people and ourselves. This means participating in our weekly check-ins, community meetings, and much more. Matva Sei also hosts different courses that take place throughout the year. Be prepared for visitors and course participants during your experience. Since we are living close together and are sharing space with our paying guests, living and working in our community requires openness towards people, some flexibility, self-responsibility and a good portion of humor. 

All-in-all, your days will be a nice balance between work, social time and relaxation. We ask for a minimum time commitment of 5 hours per day, 5 days per week. Depending on what else is going on here while volunteering with us, you will be able to stay in our cottage in the woods, or in a room in the main building. Your only cost while staying here will be for meals, around 150 euro / month.

Ready to Volunteer?

Please write us with some background information, resume, and why you feel called to join us. We want to get to know you and your vision of volunteering with Matva Sei. From there you will be in touch with one of our community members. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have, so please feel free to ask us anything.

For length of stay many factors are taken into consideration such as: number of volunteers on site, particular skill sets that may be needed, and time of the year. We prefer people who are willing and able to stay for longer periods, 1 month to longer, so that they can get into the flow of community life and maximize their experience.

Are you feeling the call to join the magic at Matva Sei?