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16. fem inne i treetWe want to offer and hold a space for healing and transformation where you can relax, breath and reconnect to your truer self, nature and spirit. Behind Matva Sei are five mature women and a man – all from Scandinavia – with different backgrounds and qualities; sharing the same dream and mission. 

LeoVeronica is the initiator and has worked for quite a while to realise this dream. Through her we all, Elisabeth Marie, Marianne, Grethe Sofie, Eva Marie and Leo navigated to Matva Sei through different paths.

We have all different backgrounds in personal and spiritual work and we acknowledge that there are many different paths and ways to find our truth in life. No fixed ideology but support and respect each others paths.

Amongst us you find healers, energy workers, therapists, coaches, yogis, meditators, leadership trainers, shamans, humans, artists, danslovers, etc etc…

…and Gaia our healer dog.